Wow. When I stopped watching the Pistons Sixers game, I was confident the Sixers were out. But not so.

Reading the post game coverage from my two "local" newspapers, the Free Press and the Inquirer I noticed one quote in both stories that seemed uncannily similar, but also totally different.

Both from Andre Iguodala, (great addition to my Fantasy team by the way) and both about sleeping.

Here's the Inquirer's version

"I don't know if Detroit relaxed at that point," said Andre Iguodala, who had 16 points, nine rebounds and eight assists but shot just 4 for 15. "That is Detroit: They tend to lull you to sleep, and we kept fighting."

And the Free Press's

But the Pistons already have given Philadelphia something it may not have had before Sunday. Confidence. A bit of entitlement. When asked about coming back on the playoff-savvy Pistons, forward Andre Iguodala said, “That’s Detroit. They tend to go to sleep at times.”

Doesn’t sound like a guy intimidated to me.

See, similar enough that they're likely the same quote, but enough words are different that....what on earth were the writers thinking?

Language Log has written about this before, in reference to a Rasheed Wallace quote gone awry.