Josh Benton from the Dallas Morning News just gave a presentation on “Web Tools, Blogging and Multimedia Reporting.” What he really did was give a wake up call to an audience of journalism students, or rather (old men) who are very stuck in the ways and nostalgia of print journalism.

I’m glad to say my friend here, a dead tree and typewriter reporter if there ever was one, has experienced what he calls a total conversion, and offered to come learn and shoot video. The rest of the audience seemed similarly woken.

Josh Benton from the Dallas Morning News “The people who are drawn to newspapers are the very conservative people (small c) who love the smell of newsprint in the morning.”

Journalism is like the priesthood in that it attracts more conservative people, and so over time, filtering it like that, the profession becomes more and more conservative.

“Ivy League newspaper protectionism”

It’s very easy to develop the newspaper habit because it’s free and easily available and has no competition. Once you leave school, this all changes.